I am standing behind the courage of my convictions as a true Conservative Republican.

A Common Sense Approach to Government 
I am running as a Republican Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 16th Congressional District of Illinois against incumbent Representative Adam Kinzinger, who has become an anti-Trump politician, starting an anti-Trump PAC, and even going so far as to claim he may switch parties if President Trump is a big part of the conservative Republican party; which, in my opinion, makes him a RINO.

Imagine yourself in a courtroom with Adam Kinzinger sitting on the jury about to decide your fate. The judge decides no hearings or evidence will be presented. However, the jury is allowed to proceed with their verdict, and without any information presented, Adam Kinzinger votes you are guilty. That is EXACTLY what Representative Adam Kinzinger did to President Trump during the impeachment in the U.S. House of Representatives following an invasion at the Capitol building. Since the time of U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump, evidence has been released that the FBI informed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a couple days before January 6, 2021 they had information of possible violence planned but Speaker Pelosi refused to provide additional security at the Capitol and even declined President Trump's offer of the National Guard for protection.

Representative Kinzinger did not participate in voting on 7.0% (67 out of 954) Bills in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Representative Kinzinger voted to approve a 5,593 PAGE Bill that consisted of a combination of a $900 Billion Coronavirus Relief Bill (H.R  6074) and $1.4 TRILLION Omnibus Spending Bill. House Representatives were given approximately three and a half hours to "read" this 5,593-page Bill. 

The following is a breakdown of the Bills:$900 BILLION (B): $166 B for stimulus checks; $120 B for extra unemployment  benefits, $284.4 B for small business forgivable loans; $82 Bi for schools; $25 B for rental assistance; $55 B for vaccines, testing, and tracing; $10 B for child care; $45 B for transportation; $26 B for nutrition/agriculture; and $7 B for broadband.

$1.4 TRILLION Spending Bill: $40 M for Kennedy Center; $25 M to Pakistan (with $10M specifically set aside for gender studies); $86 M for Cambodia; $130 M for Nepal; $135 M for Burma; $700 M for Sudan; more to come on the breakdown of this Bill.

My question is: WHY are Americans put last on the list? Our country is TRILLIONS of dollars in debt, but we are sending all of this money to other countries; WHY? It makes NO sense that our country uses taxpayers money and borrows more money to support other countries when so many Americans are suffering.

I fully support President Trump's "America First" policies, as should every American. Under President Trump's leadership, the United States of America had the greatest economy in the world with the lowest unemployment rates ever recorded under all previous presidents. In 2019, the United States became energy independent for the first time since 1957, and banned foreign entities from having any control of our power grids. The stock market had record-breaking numbers. President Trump's administration negotiated multiple peace treaties in the Middle East. No wars were started under President Trump's leadership. The number of illegal aliens being stopped at the border and returned to either their home countries or to wait in Mexico to wait for an immigration hearing greatly reduced the cost on taxpayers. 


I stand behind supporting a panel of physicians who specialize in virology to address and develop protocols and treatments for the virus. I believe an investigation of the number of deaths attributed to the virus should be undertaken, as Dr. Fauci and Dr. Byrx gave the doctors and the CDC leniency of what constituted COVID-19 diagnosis and number of deaths, even allowing doctors, in the beginning, to list COVID-19 as cause of death without even performing a COVID-19 test.
I support personal choice of getting the COVID-19 vaccine since it is still in the experimental stages and no long-term side effects are known. Any company that mandates this vaccine while still in the experimental stage should be held financially liable for side effects their employees may develop.
SCHOOL REFORM: Our Children are Our Future
So many children are lost in our current education system and passed on to the next grade level without being able to actually read, write, and do mathematics at their current grade level. Some school systems even refuse to allow teachers to give students failing grades. The current system in place only sets students up for failure as they grow into adults causing severe frustration and depression in young adults. Common Core is an idiotic policy that creates extra work that only frustrates students and their parents more. It is truly unfair and cruel to pass failing students who are unable to demonstrate an understanding of what they needed to learn to proceed to the next grade level. I propose that tutoring be set up to work with students to get them to the level they need to be at. This can be implemented by working with colleges to have their teaching students earn credits for tutoring.
- Schools need to bring back U.S. Constitution classes in high school and make it a requirement for high school graduation as it was in the past.
- Teachers/professors need too be barred from teaching students their own political beliefs. They are indoctrinating students to hate the country they live in and pushing a Socialism regime. 
- Bring back history classes. We, as a country, have evolved by learning from history, both good and bad.
- Stop the "White Shaming" in schools. This only keeps students divided by race and it is sickening. Instead they should teach the philosophy to "treat others as you want to be treated," and respect one another.
- Stop teaching students to be afraid of the police.
- It is very inappropriate for schools to teach more than basic biology regarding sex education. Parents are responsible for educating their children if/when they want them to know more than the basics. It is morally and ethically wrong to confuse young students by teachers telling them they can be a boy or a girl. This topic borders on infringing on a family's freedom of religion.- Bring "cursive" back to school curriculums. Some of the most historical documents, such as the Declaration of Independence, are written in cursive.
- Support school vouchers so parents can send their children to the school of their choice. Let the federal funds follow the students. 

I strongly support the First Amendment and free speech. Big Tech and MSM are censoring conservatives every day. MSM have turned their backs on reporting only the facts of a situation to pontificating the views and opinions of their networks. I support a Bill that MSM must use a disclaimer that they are broadcasting personal views and opinions. Big Tech needs to be relieved of their Section 230 protection.

Cancel culture discriminates against anyone who has an opposing view. Everything in this world is not racist because you do not agree with someone. Democrats and MSM have been pushing the racist narrative for too long and it is time they are held accountable. We need to unite as one nation.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"

I fully support the Second Amendment. Without it, Americans have no way of defending themselves from a tyrannical government and/or for self protection. Democrats are trying very hard to do away with this amendment and as a people we need to know why. Guns do not kill people, people do.

ABORTION:I am anti-abortion and believe in supporting policies that would back adoptions. The fact that laws have been enacted allowing abortion up to the moment of birth is morally and ethically wrong. 

Laws allowing minors to get abortions, which are surgical procedures, without parental consent is abysmal. There are so many repercussions, such as physical complications, depression, anxiety, sterilization, etc. which can affect a person after having an abortion and it is very concerning that young girls are being indoctrinated into believing those babies' lives do not matter. I am also concerned with any pain medications prescribed to minors after abortions. We could potentially have teenagers driving while under narcotics, thereby possibly harming innocent people.

Abortion should not be used as a form of birth control especially when birth control is free at health departments. People need to take personal responsibility for their actions.

Why should citizens who oppose abortion be forced to financially support them in the USA and other countries? 

PREFACE: I am NOT anti-gay. In fact, one of the best mentors I had was a proud gay man. I soaked up his knowledge like a sponge and he shared what his life was like. I was proud to call him a mentor and a friend.

Our country needs to turn to the SCIENCE of BIOLOGY. People need to understand that babies can be born with anomalies, such as having mixed organs, different chromosomes than their genitalia. It used to be called Ambiguous Genetalia.
With that being said, I oppose transgender "girls" from competing in female sports and vice versa. Male and female hormones affect bodies differently as they are supposed to. I also oppose transgender people, male or female, sharing school locker rooms and bathrooms opposite of the sex listed on their birth certificates. Why should 20-30 students be made to feel uncomfortable to appease the feelings of one or two students? If democrats and physicians really want to support science, then chromosome, organ, and genitalia examinations need to be conducted on students as identifying as transgender. I would support separate bathrooms and locker rooms for these students.
I also support a Bill banning any kind of hormone therapy being done on minors, especially before puberty so that parents can be part of the new fad and/or be part of the "woke" crowd. I foresee a huge increase in depression and suicides for children forced to participate in this.
Again, school systems are pushing these views on young students and it is not appropriate and will only cause massive confusion.

I would support a Bill barring any organization who receives federal funding from making political campaign contributions. 
I would support a Bill barring foreign-owned entities from making political campaign contributions.


I would support a Bill that each Bill stands alone on a subject.

Congress members need to be held to the highest standards. While in session, all Congress members should speak truthfully. That was not the case when Representative Adam Schiff, when during an impeachment hearing, read the transcript of President Trump's telephone call with the president of Ukraine. Adam Schiff knowingly presented falsified information into the record of the hearing, and only claimed it was a "parody" after he was called out for it, and after the damage had been do

For more information, please contact me at:  tpfaff4usrep@gmail.com 


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